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January 7th – New Years Chakra Meditation

January 1 – 8 Messages

Don’t forget to ask about Maria’s New Signature Look – The Bamboo

The Chord!

December 23 – 31 Messages

Happy Holidays!

December 16 – 22

Maria styling Aimee and Saoirse!

December 9 – 15 Messages

December Testimonials

I feel like I’m having an orgasm when Maria touches my hair.


My friend came in here recently and she was out of the moon with her hair.

Lauren S.

December 2nd Special

December 1 – 8 Messages

November 26th – 30th Messages

November 18 – 24 Messages

November Testimonials

I love Maria. She is an artist with my hair. I trust her, her natural products, and techniques.

Denise Berger (10 years)

I’ve been coming to äria for six years and traveled from Queens because I love it here. I have alopecia and need it cut a certain way to look full. Only at äria has my hair looked this good!

Laura Espada

I love the Aveda colors. I come in every 3-6 weeks for a touch-up. I also love that I can book online. I feel comfortable going to any of the stylists here. 


November 11 – 17th Messages

November 1st – 10th Messages

Have you tried The Bamboo?