Maria has become known for several signature cuts: the Willow, the Mill, and the Chord.

The Willow

The Willow is medium length style for gals who LOVE their curls. Inspired by the graceful willow tree this style uses different lengths, some longer, some shorter, and then the tips are lightened 2-3 shades to look sun-kissed. Cut on dry hair, this look is simply show-stopping.
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The Mill

Inspired by the wispy libs and sunlit branches of Westchester County, she did the Mill on herself first, discovering that it was the first haircut that gives you the feeling of longer hair after it’s been cut, so it’s perfect for hair that wants to be kept long. Maria uses a combination of texturizers and sheers to shape the cut and then applies chocolate, cinnamon and gold tones to bring out the shaggy layers. This style grows out beautifully, allowing busy women to limit their trips to the beauty salon.
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The Chord

The Chord is not your mother’s bob. (No offense, Mom.) A little edgier, with more movement, the Chord utilizes a two-tone blonde on blonde color scheme, and is cut by putting a cord around the back of the neck as a guideline to follow the natural shape of the neck, allowing the hair to hang beautifully. It is a nod toward forward thinking, while still remaining slightly conservative.
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